Welcome to Coffee Chronicles
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Welcome to Coffee Chronicles

Hi! You found us!

You are about to take part in the first Coffee Chronicles by Revolver. Thank you!

How it all works
We'll drink the coffees day by day, starting from 0001 on Saturday, May 1 and finishing on Monday, May 24 with coffee 0024. The coffees themselves are only numbered but will be revealed here, daily. We invite you to taste the coffee blind first, then check here daily for the reveal. It makes for a more interesting experience and you'll be surprised what you learn you like. We hope you’ll taste along with us each day, but feel free to follow your own timeline as your schedule demands.

In your box you'll find an accompanying journal and pen. We made this just for Coffee Chronicles and we'll be using it daily to keep a log of our experiences with each of the coffees.

In our daily letter, we will explore the story behind each of these coffees with more details about the roaster, tasting notes, and interesting tidbits about what you’re drinking, where it came from, and who helped bring it to your cup.

Last, if you’d like to receive this same info via a daily email, sign-up by clicking the green "Subscribe" button at the top right of the screen, or bottom right if you're on mobile or tablet.  Subscribing is not required of course, just optional.

The journey begins May 1st.

Until then...