June 0003
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June 0003

Coffee processing in Colombia [Photo: Mercanta]

Top of the morning! Today we're drinking:

0003 Colombia La Sopresa, roasted by Heartwood

Roaster Heartwood
Roaster Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate / Cherry / Silky
Origin Huila, Colombia
Varieties Pink Bourbon / Caturra / Colombia / Gesha
Process Washed

About 0003

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Heartwood Coffee, based out of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. (About 30 min east of Cleveland)

Heartwood was founded in 2014 by Jim and Jacinda Sanders, and they are one of the more recent additions to Revolver's rotation. They have two retial locations and a roastery. They also do a bit of baking mmmmm.

Tasting Notes

Heartwood's tasting notes were Milk Chocolate and Cherry, with a Silky body.

Revolver's staff had this to say:

Cocoa Puffs (fun!) and red apples, with a mild sweetness and smooth mouthfeel.

Trivia Time

Coffee is an economic giant for Colombia's economy.  Its estimated that over ________________ Colombian persons rely on coffee for their livleyhood.

a. 2 million

b. 3 million

c. 5 million

d. 6 billion

(We'll reveal the answer tomorrow)

Yesterday's answer: c. Brazil and Vietnam

They may produce more coffee than Colombia, but we never said it was BETTER coffee :)

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