June 0004

June 0004

Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend?

DR Congo Kelehe roasted by Prototype Coffee

Roaster Prototype Coffee, Vancouver BC
Roaster Tasting Notes Mango / Clove / Orange
Origin DR Congo
Varieties Bourbon
Process Washed
Elevation 1600 MASL

About 0004

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Prototype Coffee, based out of Revolver's Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.

Protype was founded in 2017 by former Revolver manager Matt Johnson. In 2019 they opened a tasting room to showcase their coffees.

DR Congo

coffee processing in DR Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo (also known as DRC, but not to be confused with neighboring Republic of the Congo) is an interesting origin, just barely on the radar of specialty coffee. A long and established Robusta economy has been more prevalent in the coffee sector, and an emphasis on high-quality Arabica coffee is just gaining a foothold among producers. The country itself is the fourth most-heavily populated on the continent, and is the second-largest nation in Africa as well. Despite the population, however, resources such as roads, potable water, and electricity are scarce, and development within agrobusiness has been slow. - Cafe Imports

The Kalehe coffee comes from a cooperative of around 500 smallhold farmers COCASKA (Cooperative de Cafe Selectionne de Kalehe). The farmers recently pooled their resources to purchase their own washing station where this coffee was fermented and washed.

Congo coffee often produces a much more rustic cup character than it should, given that it should be similar to the Rwanda coffees from the other side of the Lake Kivu. But this lot is actually quite clean, with citrus and spice notes a bit more in line with coffee from neighboring countries.

The coffee growing area is in good company geographically. Kalehe Territory borders the country of Rwanda to the east, across Lake Kivu. DR Congo still struggles with coffee corruption as the coffee is sometimes smuggled to Rwanda and Uganda and sold as coming from those better-known origins. We're glad to see increasing tracability coming out of this developing region.

Tasting Notes

Here at the Chronicles writing desk, we tasted some subtle sweetness in this coffee. Definitely seems like a fully washed. The juicyness increased as it cooled.

The palletes of Revolver staff had this to say:

Banana chips and chocolate stout that cools to much gengler stonefruit flavours of red plums.

Prototype had this to say:

Maybe the juiciest coffee from this origin we’ve ever tasted, this coffee is intense and sophisticated, showcasing a wide array of fruity and spiced flavours.

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Trivia Time

In the 1980's, coffee from Democratic Republic of Congo (though mostly Robusta) was the country's second largest export behind this top export:

a. Tobacco

b. Copper

c. Sugar

d. Diamonds

Yesterday's Answer: a. 2 million Colombians realy on coffee for their livleyhood.

Well we made it to the first weekend of June. What are your big plans (besides enjoying coffee 0005 and 0006)?

– Coffee Chronicles

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