June 0016
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June 0016

Peru Maruja Quispe Alacorn by Little Wolf

Roaster Litte Wolf, Ipswich, Massachussets
Roaster Tasting Notes Caramel / Apple / Crisp
Origin Maruja Quispe Alacorn, Peru
Elevation 1900 MASL
Varieties Bourbon
Process Washed

Little Wolf Roasters

Today you're drinking coffee roasted by Little Wolf out of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Little Wolf was founded in 2016 by Melissa Bartz and Chris Gatti, with the principle of 'roasting coffee they love and showcasing its inherent qualities, not hiding them.'

Tasting Notes

Revolver had this to say:

Pecan, Peaches, and honey in the aroma. Toasted almond, Candied Orange peel with Dark Chocolate coating and Caramel (check). Pink Lady as it cools. (double check)

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