June 0015
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June 0015

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Colombia El Mirador, Roasted by Populus

Roaster Populus, Berlin
Roaster Tasting Notes Persimmon / Passion Fruit / Candylike / Strawberry
Origin El Mirador
Elevation 1530 masl
Varieties Castillo
Process Anaerobic Natural

This sweet, fruity, and funky natural processed Castillo comes from Cerro Azul Paramo, Colombia, and is produced by Jose Luis Blanco Abril. With notes of passion fruit, persimmon, banana, and sweet candylike flavors this coffee is a perfect choice for beautiful June days.

What is Anerobic Natural Processed for $500?  This coffee was processed using an additional step: the ripe cherries (skin intact) were placed inside sealed tanks to develop for 33 hours before being dried on raised beds for 22 days. The oxygen is removed from the tanks while the cherries process which creates more distinct flavors. That's the short version, so if you want to get real nerdy you can read more from Cafe Imports here.

Anaerobic cofee tanks

Populus Roasters

Populus was founded in 2015 by Sari and Henrik Haavisto. Although they roast in Berlin, Germany, they have "strong roots" in the Nordic roasting style.

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Tasting Notes & Notes

This coffee is clean with juicy tropical fruit flavours. We really enjoyed how sweet and balanced it tasted and were really impressed by the clarity for a natural processed coffee. There is something to this anaerobic stuff.

Revolver staff tasted notes that were in-line with the theme of Populus:

Aromas of mandarins and Manuka honey. Bright, lemonade, apricot, peach and green tea.

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