June 0012
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June 0012

El Salvador El Batallon by Methodical

Roaster Methodical, Greenville, South Carolina
Roaster Tasting Notes Caramel / Grapefruit / Orange
Origin Apaneca Llamatepec, El Salvador
Varieties Pacamara
Process Natural

About 0012

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Methodical based out of Greenville, South Carolina.

Methodical was founded in 2015 by David Baker, Will Shurtz, and Marco Suarez. It's hard to miss their blue floral bags, which in addition to holding delicious coffee, doubles as pretty aesthetic on your kitchen counter. Check out their iPhone Background screens in the bonus content at the bottom if you don't believe us.

Tasting Notes

Revolver had this to say:

White Nectarines and Curly Wurly Bars, the caramel really starts to develop as it cools, and leans into the fruity sweetness of the cup.

Editor's Note: Curly Wurly Bar is new to us.

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Bonus Content

See: Check out Methodical online and on IG.

iPhone Background Screens: Cool. Download'em here and brighten up your day.

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