June 0011
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June 0011

Honduras Javier Hernandez  by Proud Mary

Picture from proudmarycoffee.com
Roaster Proud Mary, Portland, Oregon & Melbourne, Austrailia.
Roaster Tasting Notes Apricot / Black Tea / Caramel / Floral
Origin Farm: Don Andres, Honduras
Varieties Parainema
Process Washed

About 0011

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Proud Mary, based out of Melbourne, Australia, but roasted in Portland, Oregon.

Proud Mary was founded (in Aus) in 2009 by husband and wife Nolan and Shari Hirte, and in 2017 they opened their Portland, Oregon coffee shop + roastery, which is where the coffee you're drinking comes from.

Take note: Their bags and branding are as fun and colourful as their coffees.

Tasting Notes

Revolver had this to say:

Green Grape and Pear stand out. Toffee sweetness. Cools down into darker fruits such as Blackberry.

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