June 0007
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June 0007

Ethiopia Diima Gedeb roasted by Talormade

Roaster Talormade, Oslo, Norway
Roaster Tasting Notes Mango / Passionfruit
Origin Gedeb Diima, Ethiopia
Varieties Dega
Process Natural

About 0007

Today we're drinking an Ethiopian coffee roasted by Talormade, from Norway.

Talormade was founded quite recently in 2019 by Talor Browne, the former head roaster of Tim Wendelboe. While Talormade itself is relatively new, the company is rich with roasting experience.

You can catch more of the vibe of Taylormade from one of their recent YouTube videos. Last year they got some new donut making equipment.

This coffee comes from one of three washing stations operated by the same group. Even though its from a "washing station," this coffee is a dry/natural processed.

Taylormade labeled this coffee as "Mango & Passionfruit" due to its delicious tropical fruit vibes. "Perfect summer coffee."

Tasting Notes

Revolver staff had this to say:

Lychee, Passionfruit, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. Mouthfeel is light so it's perfect for a summer morning.

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