June 0006
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June 0006

Mexico Huatusco Lot 2 roasted by Novel

Picture via Novel Coffee Roasters
Roaster Novel Coffee Roasters, Dallas Texas
Roaster Tasting Notes Green Grape / Cooked Pineapple / Navel Orange
Origin Huatuso, Mexico
Process Washed, Extended Fermentation

About 0006

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Novel Coffee Roasters, based out of Dallas Texas.

Novel was part of May's Chronicles and was founded in 2013 by Kevin Betts and Ryan Smith.

Tasting Notes

Revolver had this to say:

A lot of tropical notes going on here, but more full bodied. Grilled pineapple (check!) specifically. Green grape with an orange acidity (2nd check!). Candy-like sweetness. Sweetness takes over as it cools.

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Trivia Time

Approximately how many farms produce coffee in Mexico (it's the 8th largest coffee producing country in the world):

a. more than 25,000 farms

b more than 75,000 farms

c. more than 500,000 farms

d. more than 800,000 farms

Well we made it to the first weekend of June. What are your big plans (besides enjoying coffee 0005 and 0006)?

– Coffee Chronicles

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