June 0005
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June 0005

Before we move on to 0005, we have to inform you of a error we’ve discovered. We accidentally posted the wrong coffee info for 0002.

The 0002 post has been updated here with the correct coffee. Our apologies!

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Okay – now that you've checked out 0002, let's see what's in your cup today Day 0005 - Saturday!

0005 Ecuador Guillermo Lomas Sidra, roasted by Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Roaster Rooftop Roasters, Fernie, BC
Roaster Tasting Notes Peach / Rose / White Tea
Origin La Perla, Pinchincha Province, Ecuador
Varieties Sidra
Elevation 2300 masl
Process Washed

About 0005

This lot of Sidra variety coffee was grown by producer Guillermo Lomas in Pichincha, a heavily-forested area in Ecuador's norther highlands.

Sidra is a relatively new cultivar, said to have originated in Ecuador, and it is a hybrid of the Bourbon and Typica varieties.

Bourbon is usually attributed to rich sweetness a big body, where Typica dips into citrusy acidities and floral aromas. Put them together and you get Sidra.

Other than the incredible coffee, what makes Ecuador so unique? Well, first of all, the national labour laws are among the most progressive in South America. Workers are guaranteed paid time off, health benefits, social security contribution, and a minimum wage 4 times that of neighboring Colombia. While this increases the cost of coffee, it’s worth it to be able to offer coffees where nationally guaranteed rights of farm workers are similar to those in Canada or the US.

Worker’s rights are so often overlooked in discussions around equity in the coffee trade, so Ecuador presents a rare opportunity to partake in a model that flips the usual power dynamics of coffee on its head. Ecuador is also a unique origin because its coffee industry is in its very early stages.

Ecuador isn’t a powerhouse of coffee production (Ecuador only exports 100 containers of coffee a year; Colombia exports 32,000) but we love to see an Ecuadorian coffee on a menu. Maybe because of its small coffee industry, and its lack of commercialization, coffee from Ecuador has an untouched purity, a “mountain spring” feeling that echoes in its clean, sweet flavor profile of light fruits, nutty roundness, delicate florals.

Coffee in Ecuador by Red Fox Importers

Meet Rooftop Coffee

Rooftop Coffee began in 2016 as a family-owned business tucked away in Fernie, a town in the mountains of south eastern British Colombia. They've adapted their roasting approach to meet the demands of the Fernie locals. Sooooo great.

We love balanced coffee. When a sparkling acidity is perfectly coupled with a sweet, syrupy mouthfeel, we’ve reached coffee nirvana. Much like the unique flavours and aromas in our coffee reflect the terroir and processing imparted by the farm, our roasting style derives partly from our hometown. Fernie has played such an important role in shaping our coffee company. This lighter style of roasting was new to the area, which has long been dominated by darker-roasted coffee. Without straying from the style we sought to offer, we had to slightly adjust our approach. This led to a menu that encompasses both exotic, unique flavour profiles and approachable, familiar coffees. As a result, we’ve been able to appeal to big city cafes and coffee nerds, without leaving our community behind. This created a coffee culture that is a reflection of Fernie, and that has been immensely rewarding.

Tasting Notes

Here at the writers desk, we were enchanted by this coffee's sublte soft sweetness, cup clarity, and some tropical fruit undertones. We could drink much more of this one.

Rooftop had this to say:

The cup burst with nectareous sweetness, crisp acidity and opulent aroma. In short, this is our kind of coffee, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Revolver staff had this to say:

White flowers. Chamomile tea. Peach. Orange blossom.  As it cools it becomes more fruit forward, the peach stands out more alongside nectarine.

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Trivia Time

Ecuador is the world's largest exporter of:

a. flowers

b. coffee

c. bananas

d. oil

e. mountains

Yesterday's answer: a. Copper was the biggest export of DR Congo in the 1980's.

We hope you have a terrific Saturday and we will see you back here mañana. Adios.

– Coffee Chronicles

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