JUNE 0002

JUNE 0002

The original post had listed a different coffee for 0002.
(Colombia by Populus.)

We deeply regret this mistake.  Here is the correct coffee info for June 0002.

0002 Ethiopia Shakisso by Moving Coffee

Roaster Moving Coffee
Roaster Tasting Notes Rootbeer / Hibiscus / Raspberry
Origin Ethiopia, Shakisso
Varieties Pink Bourbon
Process Washed
Elevation 1680 MASL

About 0002

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Moving Coffee, based out of Revolver's Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.

Moving Coffee is run by husband and wife Shirley and Edmond Keung. They company was originally founded in Hong Kong, but relocated to Vancouver in 2016, where they continue their mission of "moving specialty coffee forward".

The coffees are grown in the Shakisso woreda come from the Guji Zone in the Oromia region, quite a way south and east of the popular region of Yirgacheffe. It’s here that hundreds of producers tend to small plots of land, growing coffee and then delivering the ripe cherry to a nearby washing station to be processed and dried. The coffee is depulped, fermented in underwater tanks and then sent to dry on raised beds for 10-20 days, depending on weather.

Tasting Notes

Moving Coffee's tasting notes were Rootbeer and Hisbiscus, and Raspberry.

Revolver's staff had this to say:

Aromas of Mandarins and Manuka Honey. Bright, lemonade, apricot, peach and green tea.

You can see a theme of Summer and light and bright flavours emerging from the above. This coffee was noticeably pleasant, and even caused one of the writers to make a special note of it.

Trivia Time

Coffee is an economic giant for Colombia's economy.  Its estimated that over ________________ Colombian persons rely on coffee for their livleyhood.

a. 2 million

b. 3 million

c. 5 million

d. 6 billion

(We'll reveal the answer tomorrow)

Yesterday's answer: c. Brazil and Vietnam

They may produce more coffee than Colombia, but we never said it was BETTER coffee :)

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