JUNE 0001
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JUNE 0001

We begin June with a coffee grown in Asia and roasted in the UK.

Here we go! 24 coffees in 24 days. Lets get started.

We begin in Asia with a coffee from . . . wait for it . . .


Can you taste all 800 flavor compounds?

China Ou Yang, roasted by Common Coffee

Roaster Common Coffee, Edinburgh, Scotland
Roaster Tasting Notes Melon, Turkish Delight, Apple
Origin Yunnan, China
Elevation 1350 masl
Variety Catimor
Process Natural

About 0001

Yes, specialty coffee does grow in China. This coffee is named Ou Yang which is the name of the owner and the washing station in this region. Chiliarch Coffee Plantation is located in Jiangcheng County near Pu’er City, in the Yunnan Province of Southwest China. The plantation covers an area of 84 hectares with an elevation ranging from 900 to 1300 meters. The annual rainfalls and mild temperatures make this region suitable for the cultivation of Arabica Coffees.

This coffee is a Catimor variety and although it comes from a "washing station" it was dry processed (natural processed).

Common Coffee, Edinburgh

Common is a small batch roaster from Edinburgh Scotland and has been roasting since 2018.

In 2014 Jason & Ash had moved to the UK from New Zealand and attempted to start an ice business serving music festivals. During a visit to Edinburgh, they stumbled upon an old roaster in the corner of a dusty workshop at a Scottish Bakery which sparked the idea for Common Coffee.

The "wee team" are dedicated to roasting damn good coffee while making a positive impact. They have stripped away the coffee "jargon" and categorize their coffees as Strong, Sweet, Bright, & Complex.

This coffee falls into their category of Complex and we are excited to be able to share it.

Tasting Notes & Notes

This coffee was in a word: interesting. We found this coffee a bit tangy at first with some brightness. It started with a dry astringent acidity up front, like grapefruit rind. Adding a splash of milk tamed the astringnecy and transformed it to some blueberry and fruit, typical of a dry/natural processes coffee.

Revolver staff had this to say:

Wildly complex. Super sweet plum. Lemon underneath. Silky tea-like body. Becomes richer as it cools

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Trivia Time

China's specialy coffee production is contained to southern Yunnan.
Without looking it up, which other coffee producing country DOES NOT share a border with the Yunnan region?

a. Vietnam

b. Laos

c. Myanmar

d. Cambodia

(We'll reveal the answer tomorrow)

Bonus Content

Ou Yang Coffee has a beautiful website with more about thier coffees.

View Common Roasters on Instagram and also check out their new TikTok content.