July 0024
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July 0024

Alas, we come to the end of July Chronicles. Thank you for embarking on the journey to experience coffees from around the globe, new and familiar processing methods and roasters, and tastes in general. We are taking a break in August, and may be back in September (TBD!) but keep an eye on our webshop and IG for updates as they happen in real time. Enjoy today's coffee!

Ethiopia Duwancho by Gardelli

Roaster Gardelli, Forli, Italy
Origin Sidama
Roaster Tasting Notes Jasmine / Papaya / Pineapple / Passionfruit / Peach
Varieties Heirloom
Process Natural
Altitude 2100-2200 MASL


Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Gardelli based out of Forli, Italy.

Gardelli was founded in 2010 by Rubens Gardelli, who can boast a World Roasting Championship win among his other competition success. We've been serving Gardelli since 2018 and are always impressed with what's inside the bag.

Tasting Notes

Per Revolver: So much Lavender throughout. Blueberry stands out, alongside Papaya (check) and Passionfruit (double check!).

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See: Check out Gardelli online and on IG.

That's a wrap! Thank you again for taking part in the Coffee Chronicles.
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