July 0022
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July 0022

Colombia Elkin Guzman by House of Funk

Roaster House of Funk, North Vancouver, B.C.
Origin Pitalito, Huilia -- Finca El Mirador, Elkin Guzman
Roaster Tasting Notes 'A mouthful of wine gums'
Varieties Tabi
Process Natural Acetic
Altitude 1550-1680 MASL

House of Funk

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by House of Funk based out of North Vancouver, B.C.

House of Funk was founded in 2019 by Darren and Jody Hollet. They are a Beer Brewery and Coffee Roastery and are on the frontier in regards to trying out new process methods and experimentation. This coffee being an example of that.

Tasting Notes

Per Revolver: Sweet Candied Lemon, Super Funky and Lactic.

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Bonus Content

See: Check out House of Funk online and IG.
Want to try another experimental coffee? We've got an 'Ice Wine Fermentation' from House of Funk right now on the webshop: (If sold out more is on the way by Friday!) Check it out here.