July 0014
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July 0014

Costa Rica Volcan Azul by Thom Bargen

Roaster Thom Bargen, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Origin West Valley, Costa Rica
Roaster Tasting Notes Cream Soda / Grape / White Wine
Varieties Caturra
Process Natural
Altitude 1500 MASL

Thom Bargen

Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by Thom Bargen, based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thom Bargen was founded in 2012 by Graham Bargen and Thom Hiebert. And with that you can see where the name came from too!

Tasting Notes

Per Revolver: Dried Strawberries, Black Breakfast Tea, Sangria. Fermented taste reminiscent of Kombucha as it cools.

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