July 0005
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July 0005

Guatemala Perez Family "Golden Kiwi" by LüNA

Roaster LüNA, Vancouver, B.C.
Region Acatenango
Roaster Tasting Notes Golden Kiwi / Delicate Vanilla Florals / Bright Acidity
Varieties Anacafe 14
Process Washed


Today we're drinking a coffee roasted by LüNA, based out of Vancouver, B.C.

LüNA was founded in 2017 by specialty coffee trading veteran Laura Perry, and roaster Nate Welland (also formerly of Revolver!). We've been serving LüNA at Revolver since 2018 and their bags have become known for both the coffee inside and the artwork outside.

Tasting Notes

Per Revolver: Golden Kiwi is a perfect way to sum up this coffee. Slightly tart, with notes of Raisin and Pear, and a Silky Texture to go along with it.

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See: Check out LüNA on IG and their Website.