MAY 0022
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MAY 0022

MAY 0022

Buenos dias mis amigos.

Bats'il Maya, Mexico roasted by Resident

Roaster Resident, Gainesville, Florida
Roaster Tasting Notes Citrus, Butterscotch, Milk Chocolate
Origin Chiapas, Mexico
Elevation 1250 masl
Varieties Bourbon, Typica, Garnica, Oro Azteca, Mundo Novo, Costa Rica 95, Catimor
Process Washed

About 0022

Farmer in Chiapas -

0022 comes from the state of Chiapas in Mexico. The coffee's name, Bats'il Maya, is the name of a cooperative of approximately 250 families of producers. Though some may be less familiar with Mexican coffee, Mexico is typically a top 10 coffee producing country with 96% being Arabica. Chiapas is the largest producing state, making up for as much as 40 percent of the production in 2019.

Resident Coffee Roasters

Resident is a coffee roasting company founded by Gabe & Noe. Our goal is to bring incredible coffees from around the world for you to experience here in beautiful Gainesville, FL. We exist to tell the stories of remarkable people and their incredible coffees. ⁣⁣

–Resident Coffee Roasters

How'd it taste?

Revolver HQ had the following to say:

Orange zest, tobacco, Rich with a smokey aftertaste

Which approximates the writer's tasting notes well. It's further developed than many in the Chronicles, but still retains a pleasant sweetness and acidity. That fruityness in there, orange zest might just perfectly describe it.

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Fan Mail

Nathalie wrote in asking if there is anyway to improve flavor identification.

Here are a few things that have worked for us.

  1. Pay more attention to the flavour and aromas of everyday ingredients. Identifying flavours in coffee is, ironically, in large part about describing coffee in terms of everything but coffee. The stronger you can build an association of real ingredients and their corresponding flavours and smells, the easier it will be to recall them when tasting. We all eat and drink things everyday, but we don't always stop and take a moment to think about how something smells or tastes in a more analytical way. It can help.
  2. Taste multiple coffees at once. Sampling multiple coffees at once can help refine and build a strong palette. When you taste coffees side by side, their differences are more pronounced, in effect, making it easier to identify characteristics. It also helps rapidly build a sense of scale in what you're tasting. Without equipment, conceptual, relative measurements are often the most useful mode of expression we have, but to develop that you need repetition and exposure to lots of coffees. The daily variety of Coffee Chronicles can be quite helpful, however, little compares to tasting coffees side by side together simultaneously. As a tip to consider, one of us at the writer's desk brews a smaller daily coffee of 15 grams and saves the remaining 10 grams to do a larger side by side tasting at a later date.
  3. Taste with others. Some people will always be slightly more adept at picking up different characteristics in the coffee. Coffee tastings are almost always done together in part for that reason. With the Chronicles and previously in the annual Advent Calendar, there were many groups of people that setup a video call via Zoom or Facetime to do a tasting. The writer's here included. Highly recommended.
  4. Keep a coffee tasting wheel nearby. In our welcome post we shared a link to a great, free and available tasting wheel. Open it up while you're drinking the coffee, cycle through the flavours, and see if anything clicks.

Last, though less available as of late, there are often more formal coffee classes and workshops that happen at Specialty Coffee Association events and local cafes.

Thanks for the question.

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And then there were two.

– Coffee Chronicles

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