MAY 0020
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MAY 0020

MAY 0020

Welcome to day 0020.

Panama Mi Finquita, roasted by Thom Bargen

Roaster Thom Bargen, Winnipeg, Canada
Roaster Tasting Notes Sweet Tobacco, Caramel, Honey, Mango, Cream
Origin Panama
Varieties Maragogipe
Process Washed

About 0020

Mi Finquita -

0020 was grown in Panama by coffee hall of famers Ratibor and Tessie Hartmann. If that last name looks familiar, it's because it is. The Hartmann Estate is home to many award winning coffees, including some of the highly desired Geisha variety. Mi Finquita is Hartmann's answer to increasing demand for their world class coffees.

Mi Finquita, or "My small farm" in English, is located in Los Pozos, Chiriquí, Panama. Select coffee producers in the region bring their coffee cherries to be processed and sold by the Hartmanns.

Thom Bargen, the roasters of today's beautiful coffee, visited Mi Finquita of recent:

In november 2020 Jason, Thom, and Graham visited the farm for 4 days. On our stay we developed an understanding of how connected the Hartmanns are to nature and the beauty of the Panamanian volcanic country. Tessie was a gracious host and we were honoured to stay right on the farm with them. We will never forget their hospitality. We also will never forget their coffee. Unbelievably vibrant and fruit forward. Their coffee stands alone.

–Thom Bargen Coffee Roasters

Maragogipe, that you?

Maragogipe -

Notice anything unusual about 0020? The beans are huge. Our old friend Maragogipe is back, but this time in its rare and pure form. We last saw Maragogipe by way of the Pacamara hybrid variety back in 0014.

Maragogipe was discovered in Brazil at the turn of the century. It's a natural mutation of well known variety, Typica, but unlike Typica, everything about it is big. The coffee plant has big leaves, requires lots of space, and of course, yields beans so big they're classified officially as "Elephant Beans" 🐘. All of these factors make Maragogipe a low yield and exceedingly rare variety, but all the more special finding its way into the Chronicles.

Who is Thom Bargen?

They are Thom Bargen

Thom Bargen comes from cofounders and best friends Thom Hiebert and Graham Bargen. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, they began roasting nearly 8 years after opening the first cafe back in 2012.

How'd it taste?

Let's start by saying what this coffee is not. It's not roasty, toasty, woody or smokey. It's not a massive fruit acidity bomb. No, no. It's sweet and soft. Balanced and composed, with the slightest of tropical fruits. A refuge of moderacy in an otherwise polarized Coffee Chronicle. And we're big fans.

But in case you weren't convinced, Revolver HQ has more compelling adjectives for you:

Vanilla Ice-cream Sandwich, honeysuckle, shortbread

Yes, vanilla ice-cream sandwich. We went there. Bravo, 0020.

What did you think of today's coffee?

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Did you really think we'd go 24 days without Panama? Don't be ridiculous.

– Coffee Chronicles

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