MAY 0018
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MAY 0018

MAY 0018

Welcome to day 0018.

Honduras, El Rincon Del Sabor, roasted by Methodical

Roaster Methodical, Greenville, South Carolina
Roaster Tasting Notes Orange, Cherry, Milk Chocolate
Origin Santa Barbara, Honduras
Elevation 1500-1680 MASL
Varieties Pacas, Catuai, Parainema
Process Washed

About 0018

0018 hails from Santa Barbara, Honduras, roasted by Methodical of South Carolina. Excuse us while we take a brief side quest into Honduras.

In case it's been a while, the country of Honduras is in Central America, bordered by fellow coffee mafia El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Honduras itself is tropical and natural resource rich. Its geography contains rain forests, savannas, mountain ranges, and cloud forests while common exports are minerals, fruits, sugar cane, and, of course, coffee.

Honduran Cloud Forest

0018 was grown in Santa Barbara, a small city of about 30,000 that is home to Cup of Excellence winning coffee cultivation. The farmers in this region are very small producers who combine their coffee into larger, more sellable lots. Today's coffee shows just that: a blend of 3 varieties, who according to Methodical, was given the name "El Rincon del Sabor".

Santa Barbara, Honduras -

About Methodical

Methodical at "The Commons", South Carolina

From Methodical

Methodical Coffee opened on February 11, 2015 with pennies in the bank. We opened with a line out the door that stayed out the door until we closed. We believe that any successful business is built upon three pillars: exceptional product, customer service, and experience. We tirelessly work to perfect those three pillars. Methodical Coffee is owned by David Baker, Will Shurtz, and Marco Suarez.

How'd it taste?

Revolver HQ had rather colorful tasting notes this time around:

Smooth milk chocolate and sweet orange, a combination reminiscent of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. As it cools the body becomes silky, and the taste develops in to a dark cherry.

While the writer's desk found this one more woody and peanut-like. 0018 is notably more developed than many in the Chronicles so far and in strong contrast to the natural Myanmar of yesterday.

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Honduras no more,
What's tomorrow have in store?
Kenya? Peru? Swoon.

– Coffee Chronicles

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