MAY 0017
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MAY 0017

MAY 0017

From Myanmar to England to your front door. Welcome to day 0017.

Pha Yar Gi Kone, Myanmar roasted by Round Hill

Roaster Round Hill, England
Roaster Tasting Notes Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry Jam
Origin Myanmar
Elevation 1323 masl
Variety Red Catuai
Process Natural

About 0017

0017 was roasted by Round Hill in Somerset, England and was grown in Myanmar. If this is your first time with a coffee from Myanmar, you are not alone. It's Round Hill's too. Despite ideal climate conditions, specialty coffee in Myanmar is a developing story. In case you forgot your high school geography cough cough, Myanmar used to be called Burma and shares a border with India, China and Thailand.

In 2020, the country reportedly exported just 450,000 kg of coffee. For context, this is roughly 1000 times less than any top 10 coffee producer. Atlas Coffee Importers writes that in 2014, specialty coffee was "virtually non-existent" and that only in the last 7 years –thanks in part to USAID Value Chains for Rural Development investment– exports have began to increase.

While Myanmar may still be on the up-and-coming volume wise, quality is of little worry. May 0017 prove it so.

Myanmar Natural Processing –

Round Hill has the low down on this specific lot:

"This particular lot gets its name from a small village called ‘Pha Yar Gyi Kone’ situated in the mountains of eastern Myanmar. There are lots of small coffee producing villages in this area and are all part of the ‘Shwe Taung Thu’ farmers group which translates to ‘golden farmer’.

Each village has its own working group which is responsible for managing the processing of the coffee within each village. The focus is exclusively on producing dry naturals. The climate and terroir is particularly suited to this process, with very dry heat during the harvest season providing excellent conditions for drying. When the coffee is ready to be harvested the ripe cherries are picked and delivered to a central collection point in the village. They are then hand sorted by villagers, retaining the best cherry and removing under and over ripe fruit. The cherries are then spread out to dry on raised beds. With weather variations through the season, drying takes between 11-32 days, with the cherry moved each hour to ensure even drying. Dry milling takes place through a local exporter."

Round Hill Coffee Roasters

About Round Hill Roastery

Round Hill comes from the largest city in Somerset, England named Bath. They are a boutique roaster who describes their style as "bright and vibrant... like candy for grown ups" and you can see it in their bags and their coffees, full of life and personality. Today's being no different.

Painting of Kelston Round Hill, the inspiration behind the Round Hill name -

Round Hill shares the story behind their name:

When we think of ‘origin’, Kelston Round Hill is to us Synonymous.  This lush grassy knoll just outside Bath with its clump of trees and views over Somerset, is not just our namesake, but the backyard of where our roastery was founded.  It’s our origin, and it was there that our journey started.  That Journey has taken us to distant origins with their own hills, on whose slopes some of the world’s greatest coffees are produced by the world’s best farmers.

How'd it taste?

The smell of the dry grounds gave away this was a natural. Fruity aromatics. Tomato.

Flavour-wise, Revolver had this to add:

Strawberry Fruit Chews, Vanilla Paste, Blackcurrant Jam, definite clear fruit cordial as it cools.

And the writer's desk tasted similarly. From the aroma to the finale, all fruits, all the way.

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Wow. Myanmar. Topical. Tropical. Delicious. That's Coffee Chronicles.

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