MAY 0016
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MAY 0016

An exclusive interview with Anne Lunell, co-founder of Koppi Coffee Roasters from Sweden. She will tell us about their relationship with Monte Copey in Costa Rica and why they love coffee from this family.
MAY 0016

Costa Rica Monte Copey, roasted by Koppi

Today the Chronicles investigation desk has delivered an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the co-founders of Koppi. Perhaps Sweden's most famous boutique roaster, Anne Lunell.

Roaster Koppi, Sweden
Roaster Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate, Plums, Molasses
Origin Terrazu, Costa Rica
Elevation 1900 - 2000 meters
Process Washed

Get to Know Koppi

Established roasters often have long-standing relationships with coffee producers. Koppi does almost all their green buying this way. Today we explore one such relationship between roaster and producer.

What is the story of Koppi – what makes your company special and why do we love your coffees so much?

Anne: Haha, what a lovely question! Well the story of Koppi started in 2007. Charles and I were currently working in Oslo, Norway when we got a once in a lifetime opportunity to take over a fantastic space in our hometown Helsingborg. A few months later we opened our roastery and coffee bar. We had our business there for just over 10 years but due to our company growing we had to move to a bigger industrial location where our roaster is now. In December 2017 we closed the coffee bar to focus only on the roasting.

Since day one we have been trying our best to work only with coffees that we love. We have established relationships to a few quality focused producers in Costa Rica and Colombia that we now have been working with for many years. Our friends in Costa Rica we have worked with for over a decade. I guess we find it easier and more fun to work with coffees that we really love. We have never payed any attention to what the market might want or what sells easier. We want to share what we love in the hope that people will love it too.

Anne Lunnell of Koppi

How did you come to have this coffee on your menu?

Anne: Monte Copey is a producer that we have worked with for 9-10 years now. When we met Enrique Jr. and the Navarro Porras family we knew that we wanted to work with them. They had the right mindset, were eager to learn and develop their farm but first and foremost they are absolutely amazing people. We love seeing them every year, spending time together at the farm and sharing a meal. And it has been incredible to see the development at the farm. Enrique Jr. is an incredible coffee producer that keeps raising the level of coffee production. So to answer your question we’ve had their coffee on our menu for the past decade or so and will continue to have it for as long as we have our company. We love Monte Copey!

What more can you tell us about the producer/farm?

Anne: They started out small. I think their annual production was somewhere around 80 bags when we started working with them in 2011 and now they produce around 350-400 bags I think. They have grown their land and with that their production including lots of new varieties. They have won Cup of Excellence and placed high many times. I also believe they have produced a WBC winning coffee as well.

Fact check: That's correct! Japanese Barista Champion Hide Izaki used Monte Copey to win the World Barista Championship in 2014. The first WBC Champion from Asia.

How about the processing?
Anne: This is a Caturra that is processed as Yellow Honey. Monte Copey have always made great honeys.

How long did it take to arrive to your roasterie from the farm and how was it packaged during transport?

Anne: Well the coffee was cupped and selected last year in late March/early April. Due to the pandemic the delivery was delayed considerably so we did not receive it until late September 2020. However the normal delivery time is around 3 months. The coffee is packed in grain pro bags.

Green coffee packed in grain pro protects fresheness and moisture content during shipping

What are some developing regions/nations that you are excited to see more coffee from?

Anne: To be honest we are excited to follow the development and progress of the producers we work with. They are fantastic people and their coffees seem to just get better and better each year. With that said we love trying new coffees from new places to broaden our perspective and challenge our pallets. I would love to travel to Peru and Bolivia at some point. They have some stunning coffees and I would love to be able to see the production first hand.

Monte Copey Farm

Monte Copey is located in the hills of Santa Maria in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. It looks like this:

Monte Copey

Enrique Navarro and family – In 2009 the two brothers Enrique and Josue decided to take over the family owned farms belonging to Monte Copey to produce some of the best coffee found in Costa Rica. They invested in a Penagos – a mechanical depulping machine – which was one of the first steps to improving the production and quality. They also built 22 drying tables to elevate the coffee cherries off the ground, avoiding contamination and slowing down the drying process.

Monte Copey is divided into five plots of land adding up to 20 hectares of which 15 is planted with coffee. All coffees are separated by farm, cultivar and picking date. The same families that have been working at the farm for 20 years are still handpicking the ripe coffee. 30 people are working in the field and four people are working at the micro mill during the harvest.

Enrique Navarro Sr. & family oversee Monte Copey's coffee production

The farm is dedicated to sustainable farming and use only environmentally friendly fertilizers and no pesticides. Each year they conduct a soil analysis to ensure they are keeping the soil in good health to produce a good yield. Annually they produce about 300-350 bags of green coffee. When Koppi started working with them in 2010 they produced only 80 bags so they have done a fantastic job growing their production without compromising the quality.

How'd it taste?

Mmmmm clean!

In the dry aroma we got a sweet earthy smell. A bit of pleasant spice.  Our cup was sweet and had a good clean citrus and floral acidity. It's like fruit juice for real. Very clean 🍋 💐

It holds up as it cools too. Add a splash of plant milk and WOW. So smooth and tasty, brings out more berry fruit.

From the tasters at Revolver HQ:

Dry aroma that reminded me of freshly baked cacao biscuits. Flavour notes are dark chocolate and dark maple syrup, later on pomegranate adds some freshness at the first touch of your lips. However the finish lingers with chocolate and I would say this is a nice companion for a good book.

The writer's desk later confirmed that 0016 does indeed pair well with a penguin classic.

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On 0015 from Brandywine

Sweet like Meyer lemons. Delicious, reminded me of wine gums.

-Dan from PG

Thanks Dan, let us know what you thought of Monte Copey.

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Oh boy its Sunday. Try to savor today and this coffee before its a Monday again.

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