MAY 0014
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MAY 0014

MAY 0014

Did you really think we'd go the whole Chronicles without El Salvador?

0014 – El Salvador Santa Rosa *Honey*, roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab

Roaster Onyx Coffee Lab
Roaster Tasting Notes Concord Grape, Demerara Sugar, Rose, Dark Chocolate
Origin Chalatenango, El Salvador
Varieties Pacamara
Process Honey

About 0014

First, a little bit about El Salvador.

  • The country of El Salvador is in Central America, sharing borders with neighbouring coffee heavyweights, Honduras and Guatemala.
  • El Salvador is along the "Pacific Ring of Fire", subject to quakes and volcanic activity. It has over 20 volcanos 🌋.
  • According to Mercanta, El Salvador is #19/20 on the world coffee export list.
  • In the 80's coffee made up as much as 50% of El Salvador's gross domestic product but has since declined to less than 10% as global competition drastically increased.

Jumping back to the coffee. 0014 is an El Salvadorian coffee roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab out of Arkansas, USA.

Finca Santa Rosa is nestled in the northern Chalatenango mountains of El Salvador and owned by our good friend Jorge Raul Rivera. Winner of many Cup of Excellence awards, the farm exclusively grows the Pacamara varietal and specializes in unique harvesting and processing techniques. We’ve worked with Jorge for six years now and always look forward to visiting his farm or hosting him here at the roastery. It’s an honor to serve the best El Salvador has to offer.

–Onyx Coffee Lab
Onyx Coffee Lab – The Momentary

Onyx works direct, at the coffee's origin, and has some of the most thorough information available on their coffees and purchasing process. Like 0010, this coffee is honey processed, check our earlier post for a description on how that works.

Unlike any coffee yet in the Chronicles, this coffee is 100% Pacamara variety.

A Pacamara is Born

🙏 Pacamara 🙏 –

El Salvador is the birthplace of Pacamara, and like many other specialty coffee favourites, it is lab made at the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research. Let's jump into a bit of the coffee genomics.

Pacamara is a hybrid of two other varieties called the Pacas and Maragogipe.

The Pacas variety was discovered in 1949 on a farm owned by the Pacas family. The story goes that a plot of land seemed to be outperforming the rest, upon bringing the variety in to be examined, a research lab confirmed it to be a genetic mutation of the famous Bourbon variety. One interesting aspect of Pacas is that its genetic mutation allows it to grow very small, enabling more dense farming and thus higher yield.

If Pacas is the hard working, blue collar variety, then Maragogipe is the high maintenance star. Originating from its own natural mutation in Brazil, it requires lots of space to grow, but perhaps its most dominant characteristic is its size. It's huge. About twice as big as your average coffee beans, they are often referred to as "Elephant" beans.

The Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research thought to combine these, and in no less than 30 years, they had their result. What to call it? Why not take the first four letters of Pacas and Maragogipe? Behold, Pacamara.

Since then, Pacamara has become a staple in specialty coffee. It makes frequent appearances within the Cup of Excellence and true to its Maragogipe roots, can often be recognized by its large bean size alone.

How'd it taste?

On the aromas of the dry grounds, dare we say, fruity tobacco! Flavour-wise we circled around different types of nuts along with brown sugar while Revolver HQ had the following to say:

Blackcurrant and chocolate, and as it cooled I could taste the Werthers Original hard caramels from my nan’s handbag (in the best way)

Of note, is the roast on this one, it is perhaps the most developed of the bunch so far.

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