MAY 0013

MAY 0013

The hilly terrain of Bolivia’s Andes mountains make for a precarious but stunning place to grow specialty coffee. Las Alasitas is a small family-owned farm that’s part of the Agricafe producing group.
MAY 0013

We have not tried many coffees from Bolivia, but it's a Thursday and we're ready to explore. We love to learn about a relationship between producer and roaster.

0013 – Las Alasitas Bolivia, roasted by Café Pista

Roaster Pista
Roaster Tasting Notes Red Grape, Blackcurrant, Honey
Origin Bolivia
Elevation 1650 meters
Process Washed

About 0013

Las Alasitas is one of two coffees that introduced the Bolivia origin to Café Pista's menu. This magnificent South American country is a coffee origin little known to the general public, and yet its climate and very high altitude make it a particularly interesting producer. Bolivia is not just a new origin for Café Pista, its also their first direct import, where the roaster worked directly with the producer. In this case, Pista paid 4 times higher than the c-market price (commodity price). A quick tour of Cafe Pista's website will show their dedication to transparency as each coffee is listed with the price paid per pound for green.

Las Alasitas coffee comes from Bolinda in the province of Caranavi, located in western Bolivia (about 150 kilometers north of the Bolivian capital). Finca Las Alasitas is housed on the sides of a mountainous valley of the Andes, at the gateway to the Amazon rainforest. Its altitude, climate, and the richness of its soil allow this region to produce extremely delicate, floral and very sweet coffees. Sort of what we expect from a nice washed red caturra.

La Finca Las Alasitas is one of several farms owned by Agricafe.

Pedro Rodriguez, of Agricafe Bolivia

Founded about 30 years ago by Pedro Rodriguez, Agricafe is now run by Pedro and his two children, Daniela and Pedro Pablo, and represents a total of nearly 1000 producers. Along with its own production activities, Agricafe offers logistical and financial support to the producers it represents, in addition to training them in sustainable agricultural practices and enabling them to increase the quality of their harvests. Throughout their passionate work, Agricafe provides an extraordinary showcase for specialty coffee in Bolivia, giving its producers the possibility of accessing the specialty coffee market and benefiting from premium prices.

In 2019, Agricafe was honored with the Specialty Coffee Association's Best Sustainable Business Model award, recognizing decades of investment in establishing an inspiring sustainable and social production model. After several months of discussion with Daniela Rodriguez in 2020, Pista had the opportunity to select two lots from the harvest. Pista bought these lots directly from Agricafe and used the importing company Royal Coffee to help with logistics.

Lets Meet Café Pista

Café Pista was founded in 2014 by Maxine Richard and was originally a "coffee trike." It was born out of a love for coffee, people and bikes.

In 2016 they opened their first non-mobile shop in Montreal. In 2018, they began roasting their own coffee on a Probat at a roasting cooperative – a space shared by several smaller roasters and a smart way to grow into the business. The shared space was also an opportunity to exchange ideas with other roasters.

They have since upgraded to their own roasting space and now roast on a Loring.

Cafe Pista Bicycle Cafe - 2015 (from Cafe Pista Instagram)

Pista is now four locations strong, with their first café in Petite-Patrie, and two new ones on Masson and in Quartier des Spectacles. They also operate a Coffee Lab where they sample roast, taste, and give consumer workshops on espresso and latte art. We love their Montreal style.

How'd it taste?

We found this cup to be beautifully nuanced. It's clean, with a soft acidity like a ripe peach or apricot and dark chocolate flavours.

From Revolver HQ:

Biscotti, fresh from the oven, red apples and granola. A lingering mouthfeel reminiscent of red wine.

Very pleasant. We could see this one making the daily roster.

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Well, that's it for lucky number 0013. One day closer to the wizzeekend.

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