MAY 0012
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MAY 0012

MAY 0012

You think that's coffee you're drinking?

0012 – "Two to Mango" Ethiopia Danche Organic, roasted by House of Funk

Roaster House of Funk
Roaster Tasting Notes "Two to Mango"
Origin Chelbesa, Gedeb
Varieties Welisho, Kurume
Elevation 2000-2300m
Process Natural

About 0012

This coffee comes from Danche washing station in Chelbesa, Gedeb. Danche was built recently in 2019 by SNAP specialty coffee and is now the destination of about 500 smallholder farms that bring their coffee cherries in for processing.

On House of Funk

House of Funk is located in North Vancouver, just across the water from Revolver. They've been in business since 2019, are a certified B-corporation, and brew beer too.

via House of Funk

How'd it taste?

Dare we say this is the most fragrant of the bunch so far. Immediately upon grinding, the aromatics were huge. Blueberry, raspberry, berries! That was nice.

From the initial aromas, we expected huge acidity full of wild fruit flavours but were pleasantly surprised how refined 0012 was. It's milky sweet, balanced, with a present but refined acidity, all atop berry undertones.

From Revolver headquarters:

Milk chocolate-covered Mango. Sweet throughout. Creamy body which came through even more as it cooled in to Strawberries & Cream.

Terrific coffee. One that would likely pair beautifully with dessert.

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Well, it's official. We're halfway through and we've seen plenty. We've had washed, natural, and honey processed coffees from South America, Asia, and Africa, roasted by some of the best in Canada, America, and Europe. It's been an adventure, indeed.

But now is not the time to get nostalgic, not with so much in front of us.


– Coffee Chronicles

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