MAY 0011
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MAY 0011

Today’s tasty cup comes from one of specialty coffees’ most famous roasters: Square Mile in London. Smallholders in Huila, Colombia produced this coffee that was milled at Gigante.
MAY 0011

0011 – Colombia Matambo roasted by Square Mile, London

Roaster Square Mile, London
Roaster Tasting Notes Cherry, Apricot, Juicy
Origin Huila, Colombia
Elevation 1500 - 1900 meters
Process Washed

About 0011

A washed coffee from Colombia is just what we needed after a couple naturals, wouldn't you say? This time we're in Huila which is in the Southern mountains of Colombia. Coffees from the Huila region are classically clean with a fruity acidity. Let's see if that's true today...

Here's some of what Square Mile had to share:

A showcase for exceptional and consistent quality, Matambo is a combined lot of 26 out of 82 smallholders belonging to the coffee association of El Desarrollo. Handling all the milling and drying on farm-level, the farmers deliver parchment to the local mill in Gigante, where lots are combined and finished for sales.

This coffee is a mix of Caturra and Colombia varieties.

Huila – photo

Huila produces exceptional coffees from small scale farms and this particular lot was harvested in May - June of 2020, and arrived in London in January 2021. You can see it can takes months and months for a coffee to be processed and rested at origin, be packaged, exported, and travel to its destination –almost exclusively by ship– before it is ready for roasting.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Few roasters are as world-renowned as Square Mile from London. Every coffee-geek knows the team and the story behind the award-winning roaster.

Founded in 2008 by speciality coffee pioneers, Anette Moldvaer (World Cup Tasting Champion) and James Hoffmann (World Barista Champion), Square Mile is synonymous with London coffee culture. They have grown into a dynamic team of 25 talented coffee professionals, all sharing a wealth of experience and passion for what they do.

They are one of the few roasters without a retail shop, focusing exclusively on wholesale and they choose to work with, train, and support like-minded, quality focused businesses.

Two roasters for different size batches - via Square Mile Instagram

Square Mile keeps their menu pretty small, focusing on only a few in-season coffees at a time. The Red Brick Seasonal Espresso is their most popular item. The components change seasonally as fresh coffees come and go. The website always lists the exact mix of components as well as suggested dosing and extraction parameters. We ❤️ the details.

James Hoffman is a coffee legend in his own right and has a highly viewed YouTube channel where he reviews coffee equipment, shares brew methods, and water chemistry – he really gets into all (and we mean ALL) the details. He is so good at his reviews and detailed scientific approach that equipment companies have been known to change their equipment based on his feedback. He also has a blog full of recipes, thoughts and advice. You can easily go down a rabbit hole of information. Click at your own risk.

How'd it taste?

We noticed stone fruit –perhaps 🍒– in the dry aroma and a clean balanced sweetness. The attention to details and quality checks of Square Mile payoff with a balanced cup that has an apparent well-developed roast.

What flavours come to mind? Revolver staff started us off with:

Sweetened chocolate such as Smarties or brownies. Apricot and a hint of muscat grapes. When it cools, freshly squeezed lemon juice appears.

Nice. In the writer's desk tasting, we first thought maybe red grape or cherry but the acidity was softer than that. Then it hit us: raisins. Yes, raisins. Could be sold on cranberry as well.

We loved the nice, gentle acidity on this one. A welcome change compared to the last few chronies. Easy to drink too. We'd go for another.

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Fan Mail

We noticed a few of you were surprised to taste a Sumatra yesterday! We were also. It's not a common single origin coffee to see on roaster menus, however, coffees from Sumatra and Indonesia have been components of espresso blends for a long time.

Here's a review we loved:

When the hot water hit the coffee, it made me think it was a Kenyan. As it tasted it and it cooled, reminded me of a Honduras with some of the light acidity. I even got bubble gum & lime notes on the first few sips before it cooled. Totally surprised to find out it was a Sumatra - not disappointed... never had a Sumatra before!

- Dan

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Press PLAY: We were impressed to learn about the scale of Square Mile Roasting's operation and the level of quality control in place.