MAY 0009
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MAY 0009

Unlike many Peru specialty coffees which are produced by co-operatives, this coffee is from a single farmer, Bernado Rojas. This washed coffee is roasted by The Barn which has a reputation for one of the best coffee roasters in Europe.
MAY 0009

Here we are back in Peru. For an up-and-coming region they sure have a lot of nice coffees.

0009 – Peru Las Orquides, roasted by The Barn

Roaster The Barn
Roaster Tasting Notes Peach, Maple, Silky
Origin Cajamarca, Peru
Elevation 1960 meters
Process Washed

About 0009

We've enjoyed learning about Bernardo Rojas from the Barn's great website. Here's a bit of what we discovered.

Bernardo Rojas Colala has been growing coffee for 18 years in the San Ignacio district. The Cajamarca region lies in the north of Peru, nestled away in the high altitudes of the Andes mountain range. This was our first Peruvian coffee ever and we are proud to present such a distinct profile. Las Orquideas has rich flavours of peach, yellow plum, raisins and cacao nibs. Its high sweetness is supported by notes of maple syrup and orange marmalade. The mouthfeel is silky and the body is held together with good balance and structure.
Bernardo Rojas

The San Ignacio region is home to several Cup of Excellence finalists, and this has inspired Bernardo to focus on producing better coffees. One hectare of his small farm is dedicated to coffee growing, surrounded by extensive forest with great bio diversity. Bernardo is taking part in a government-led initiative to protect pristine forest in the region.

Small wet processing station at Bernardo's farm

Ripe cherries are de-pulped and fermented under water for 18 hours. After a second soak, the coffees are dried for 15 days on raised African beds.

This coffee is a blend of three varieties: Caturra, Pache and Mundo Novo.

About The Barn, Berlin

The Barn was founded in 2010 by Ralf Rüller and started roasting two years later.

Revolver has been offering coffee from The Barn since 2014 and it has become a mainstay of their European coffee offering.

Ralf Rüller founder of The Barn, Berlin, Germany

In 2020, The Barn upgraded to a brand new roasterie. They now have 10 cafes around Berlin, including an Annex location dedicated to a slow bar and whole bean sales.

The Barn Annex opened in 2020

The Barn only recently started buying coffee from Peru in 2020, and they regularly buy micro-lots, award winning coffees, and are big supporters of farmer experimentation.

How'd it taste?

Another meticulously washed coffee. We loved the nice clean acidity of this cup. It was juicy as it cooled and had a hint of citrus, almost tea-like. We even got hints of a citrus sour-candy.  

We can for sure see why the Barn uses terms like 🍑 peach and 🍁 maple. We sensed a juicy ripe fruit sweetness.

From Revolver headquarters:

Dark Chocolate tart in a shortbread crust, a chewy snickers bar straight from the fridge, clean finish and light mouthfeel

This is an interesting and slight contrast to the single variety Peru of 0002. Would say this coffee has a bit more body while still a clean mouthfeel.

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0009 Fan Mail

We love this comment on 0007

I allowed myself to cheat and I drank the second cup with a touch of milk for an impression of chocolate milk.

Fair play. Some of us do this too. Adding a bit of dairy or plant-based milk to coffee can bring up additional flavors and can add a new level of sweetness. Adding a dash of milk to today's coffee gave us a rum cake like sweetness.

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Bonus Content

  • Nice YouTube video about The Barn and their approach to roasting and cafes.
  • A look at the "Quality" story highlights on The Barn's Instagram will give you a sense of their dedication to quality control and details. They use a variety of equipment to test and measure the quality of green coffee before, during and after roast, including UV lights and moisture meters.