MAY 0008
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MAY 0008

Fazenda Sao Silvestre has been producing fine quality coffees since 1991.
MAY 0008

4 days since our last Brazil is 4 days too many.

Welcome back.

0008 – Brazil Sao Silvestre Microlot, Roasted by Bailies Coffee

Roaster Bailies Coffee Roasters
Roaster Tasting Notes Red Grape / Gala Apple / Sesame Seed
Origin Minas Gerais, Brazil
Varieties Yellow Icatu & Catuai
Elevation 1100 - 1200 meters
Process Natural (Dry Process)

About 0008

This is our third season receiving the Sao Silvestre crop, we are very fortunate to have built such strong relations with Ismael & Eduardo and our working relationship continues to see progress year on year.
–Bailies Coffee Roasters

First things first, São Silvestre is the name of a farm located in the state of Minas Gerais in south eastern Brazil. The farm was acquired by the Andrade family in the early 90's, but this family is no stranger to coffee. They've been in the business since 1901. That's right, over a 100 years of multi-generational family coffee history.

The Andrade family is serious about quality. They manage the entire end to end process of the production, harvest, post-harvest, warehousing, with intensive quality control, sensory profile analysis and traceability of each plot of the farm. They founded their own exporting company too, which means they can work direct with roasters or green buyers in a "Direct Trade" fashion.

Their efforts aren't without results, either. Their coffees are award winning, Cup of Excellence level coffees and as producers, respected amongst Brazil's very best.

On Bailies Coffee Roasters

Bailies is a boutique coffee roaster making their Chronicles debut from Belfast, Ireland.

We’re a business built on direct trade – on going where the world’s finest coffees are grown, and forging lasting links with the growers, our farming partners. By sourcing the harvest ourselves, we can ensure both the quality of coffee for our customers plus a fair price and ethical treatment for the producers.

How'd it taste?

0008 left no shortage of descriptors. Our tasting had mentions of blueberry pie to rum cake, while Revolver had the following to add:

Black Sesame Ice cream, Ripe Fig, Pinot Noir. Rich, Decadent, Sweet, and Complex - Long, Clean Finish

Each of us got something a little different, but they were all big, bold flavours.

As an aside, many often associate a somewhat standard flavour profile for naturally processed coffees, however, 0004 and 0008 provide a great example of the range that is available. While different variety and region, both were naturally processed coffees from Brazil, one being wild and fruity, the other, comparably tame and nutty.

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Wow, another natural Brazil. Didn't see that one coming.

What's next? Who knows!

–Coffee Chronicles

Bonus Content

  • Learn more about the Andrade family on their website. Their video shows a great example of a flat coffee plantation where trees are spaced for mechanical harvesting.
  • Follow Bailies Coffee on Instagram.
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