MAY 0005

MAY 0005

Grown in Guatemala, roasted in Italy, and now its in your home! Lets learn more about coffee 0005!
MAY 0005

0005 – Wiliam Silvestre, Guatemala,
Roasted by Gardelli

Roaster Gardelli of Forlì, Italy
Roaster Tasting Notes Tangerine, Caramel, White Grape
Origin Guatemala
Elevation 1735 - 1810
Process Washed

About 0005

We present – for your taste bud consideration – a beautiful Guatemalan coffee grown by Wiliam Silvestre, a young and passionate second-gen coffee farmer.

0005 reveal. Roasted in Italy!

On Guatemala – As a nation, Guatemala is small but mighty and ranks tenth in the world for coffee exports. Its also one of the most famous and most adored, thanks in part to the efforts of the national coffee association. In 1960, coffee growers developed their own union, which has since become the national coffee institute Anacafé (Asosiación Nacional del Café) – a research center, marketing agent, and financial organization that provides loans and offers support to growers throughout the various regions. (via Cafe Imports)

Coffee has helped fuel Guatemala’s economy for over a hundred years. Today, there are an estimated 125,000 coffee producers driving Guatemala’s coffee industry, accounting for 40% of all agricultural exports.

Now, lets travel by very bumpy bus ride to the most remote region . . .

Huehuetenango – Fun to Visit and to Say!

Probably the most famous and the most difficult to pronounce of Guatemala's eight coffee regions.

Huehuetenango (Way-way-ten-ANGO) in the north-westernmost mountains of Guatemala, is home to some of the world's most fertile coffee soils. Some refer to this region as "Coffee's delicious valley." It also translates to "Place of the Ancients" due to the many ruins found here. "Huehue" is quite remote, and unless you can get a small plane, you are in for a long and bumpy bus ride.

The remoteness of Huehuetenango virtually requires all producers to process their own coffee. Fortunately, the region has an almost infinite number of rivers and streams, so a wet mill can be placed almost anywhere.

Yalan Huihuitz farm from Gardelli

Nestled in the mountains between two highland towns (Jacaltenango and San Antonio Huista) lies Yalan Huihuitz farm. In the local Popti Mayan language, these words mean “under the great mountain” - and the breathtaking views and ideal coffee-growing climate are part of the splendor of the area. Wiliam is a second generation coffee farmer who began growing coffee on this farm after his father had passed away and left him this land. A young and passionate coffee farmer, Wiliam is aware of the challenges he faces and excited about innovating and growing to meet the market. He is constantly thinking about adapting his crop to the changing climate and improving quality in order to sell top specialty lots.
HueHueTenango – one of Guatemalas most remote growing regions

Meet Rubens Gardelli

Look at this multi-award-winning Italian who loves coffee! And acidity!

Rubens Gardelli – "Acidity is not a crime"

🌟 He founded Gardelli Specialty Coffees in 2010

🌟 He won the Italian Coffee Roasting Championship FOUR YEARS in a row, from 2014 to 2017. (he stopped competing after that)

🌟 He was the first - and remains the only one - Italian - to reach 2nd place in WCE World Brewer's Cup in 2014

🌟 He approached the world of coffee by pure chance: Rubens had been studying to become a naturopathic doctor before the encounter with coffee changed his life.

🌟 Gardelli only use one roast profile for both espresso and filter.

We've been stocking Gardelli coffees since 2018.

How'd it taste?

Gardelli says, Cantaloupe, 🍑 peaches and cream, soft caramel finish

From Revolver staff:

Guatemalan beans have always been a personal favorite, and of course Gardelli lives up to their reputation with this deliciously down-to-earth drop. Perfect for that early-afternoon pick-me-up, the initial aroma is fresh and light, and the first few sips with hints of cantaloupe. Once it hits that ideal drinking temperature, thoughts of peaches and cream come to mind, with a soft caramel finish. Let me break it down. This is a fantastic coffee, easy to drink anywhere, anytime!

We got some notes of 🍒 cherry in the dry aroma, tasted a bit of 🍐 pear and found a nice acidity too. It hinted at being a bit roastier than the first 4 coffees, but we like to try different styles. We'd love to see what a fresh-crop 2021 version of this coffee tastes like.

POP Quiz!

Notice anything unique when you took the 0005 beans out of the pouch? We noticed an array of sizes and shapes. Turns out this coffee is comprised of three varieties of bean.

Can you guess all three varieties? Here's a hint: They sound like "Cat-Tour-UH," "Cat-two-WHEE" and "Paw-cheese"

Answer: Caturra, Catuai & Paches

If you got any of them, bonus points. You're on your way to being a Q-Grader. Or maybe you already are, in which case the authors of this newsletter are looking for a writing partner.

What did you think of today's coffee?

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Fan Mail

We received one comment about that 0003 natural Brazil that really warmed our ☕️ ❤️ s.

Honestly very surprised to see the details on today's coffee! What? This was a natural? I did NOT see that coming! This was a clean, easy drinking coffee with absolutely none of the typical natural fruit explosion. Very interesting.
–Patrick Moore

Thanks Patrick, Natural / dry process coffee has really been evolving recently. We're seeing much cleaner and less "wild" natural coffees. This is in part why we love and encourage tasting coffees blind.

We loved seeing some of you celebrating Star Wars Day with your day 0004 coffee.

May the 0004th Be With You – @jaymemjohnson on IG

May the 4th be with you, indeed.

Share your feedback anytime here.

Well, we've spent five days exploring up and down Latin America. Some delicious coffees here, but seems like it could be time to venture further away.

Where will tomorrow take us. Stay tuned!

– Coffee Chronicles

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