MAY 0004
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MAY 0004

MAY 0004

The South Americathon continues.

0004 – Brazil, Sitio Sertaozinho, roasted by Proud Mary

Roaster Proud Mary
Roaster Tasting Notes Chocolate, Melon, Red Apple, Vanilla
Origin Sitio Sertaozinho, Brazil
Producer Paulo Ribeiro Rocha
Process Natural

About 0004

A little about Paulo Ribero Rocha and farm Sitio Sertãozinho from Proud Mary

Paulo Ribero Rocha, Farm Manager of Sitio Sertãozinho is serious about quality, very serious. So serious in fact that he's been quoted "I do not accept chicken, cat, or anyone walking over my coffee...". And look, who could argue with a multi-award-winning farmer who consistently hits high marks on the score sheet.
Sitio Sertãozinho is managed by Paulo Ribeiro Rocha, his daughters and sons-in-law. The farm is located near the city Cristina, in the south of Minas Gerais, in Serra da Mantiqueira region. With mountainous topography, and has a differentiated climate and soils favorable for producing specialty coffee.This farm was acquired with an inheritance from Rocha’s parents, and he began coffee cultivation 40 years ago – from the start he focused on quality coffee.

For more info on this region and Brazil coffee production, check out this article from Sucafina Specialty.

Who's Proud Mary? – originally founded in Melbourne, Australia, by Nolan and Shari Hirte, Proud Mary set up shop in North America in Portland, Oregon back in 2017 and have been on Revolver's shelves since 2019. They have excellent coffees, a fun identity, and if you get a chance to visit their space in Portland (and soon Austin), save room for food!

The 6 Group Monster Synesso at Proud Mary Melbourne

Fun fact – Proud Mary's Melbourne cafe has the ever so rare six group Synesso espresso machine. The story goes that Hirte, frustrated at the cross contamination of different coffees going through the standard 3 group configuration, welded two 3 group machines together. Now each head can have its dedicated coffee. Well played.

How'd it taste?

Right off the bat, we found Proud Mary's Brazil very well developed –meaning, the tricky task of balancing a coffee's sweetness, sourness, bitterness and acidity in the roasting process was very well managed.

Flavour-wise a recurring theme was different types of nuts. Nut butter, peanut butter cups, the works. A Revolver staff member wrote

When I had a sip, I instantly tasted caramel, brown sugar and of course peanut butter cups ( I would say "fancy organic peanut butter cups".) The finish was cacao nibs and the mouthfeel was of a maple syrup consistency
Rejected packaging alternative for Proud Mary's Brazil

One other thing to look for in this coffee is the noticeable dry finish, that's the way it physically dries up your mouth a bit after a sip. Most people tend to have experienced this with wine, surprise, coffee can do it too.

Finally, for a naturally processed coffee, we found it remarkably clean, in that the coffee was absent of funk, "baggyness," and other things that sometimes show up and spoil natural coffees. An author of this newsletter may have even uttered that this was their favorite yet of the bunch.

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0003 Fan Mail

A nice note from Patrick Moore

Today's coffee was more of a "daily driver"; and that's no bad thing. Crazy natural and lactic process coffees are fun, but they are not always what you want on a weekday morning before work. In my tracking spreadsheet I'll note this one as a "normal" coffee. But it is an extremely good normal coffee. Just what I needed today.

And Christopher Langmuir's instagram coffee documentary continues, this time with a review of 0003. Bonus points for Kruve's made for coffee EQ glassware.

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