MAY 0002

MAY 0002

MAY 0002

Moving even deeper into South America.

0002 – Peru "Nougat Mint Chip" Facundo Pintado Ysabel, roasted by Lüna Coffee

Roaster Lüna Coffee, Langley, B.C.
Roaster Tasting Notes Sweet Nougat, Tropical Cacao, Mint Chip Ice Cream
Origin Peru
Elevation High in the Andes Mountains
Process Washed

About 0002

From Lüna themselves

This lot is a Caturra variety grown by Facundo Pintado Ysabel, who is part of the Alto San Ignacio cooperative in San José de Lourdes in Cajamarca, in the north of Peru. Incredibly remote, Facundo’s coffee makes it to the capital of Cajamarca via a wooden pulley system to cross the nearby river before being transported for dry milling.

Coffee production in Peru is overwhelmingly small scale, with the average farm coming in at just under 3 hectares (about the size of 7 football fields, or Gastown, Vancouver). Cooperatives — a collection of small farms working together and usually sharing resources like processing mills — account for most of Peru’s best cherry production. The cooperatives help small farms mitigate risk and market their coffees to buyers.

Peru is continuing to evolve as a producer of high-quality small lots which are appearing more frequently on boutique roaster menus. This coffee is a great example.

A Washed coffee! Unlike yesterday’s dry-processed, a washed coffee (caturra in this case) is processed using water to remove the outer layers of the cherry leaving the green coffee seed (aka bean). After washing, the coffee still has to be dried before it is ready for milling, resting and export.

Lüna on the move

Who’s Lüna? – East Vancouver roots, now based in Golden Ears, British Columbia, Lüna was founded back in 2017 by revered specialty coffee vets Laura Perry, and Nate Welland. Revolver has been carrying them since around 2019. Known for big flavour notes on their colourful bags, they have a great mission, a big personality, and some of the best tasting notes in the game.

How'd it taste?

Delicious. Clean, balanced, and sweet. In notable contrast to the wine-like extravagance of 0001, we could see this Peru being a great daily coffee. If we had to pull out a dominant flavour, we’d go with chocolate, on the darker side.

Lüna is somewhat known to have fun with their tasting notes, so we were interested in how exactly "Mint Chip Ice Cream" would show up. Revolver’s Director of Coffee, Gabriel, had this to say:

Lüna does a great job naming their coffees in a way that lets you know what to expect, so I was curious to try the "Mint Chip", and it really has to be tried to be believed. While hot, this coffee is rich and smooth, with a combination of sweetness and a tingling minty finish that reminds me of milk chocolate-covered Kendal Mint Cake. As it cools, the mouthfeel and sweetness become more reminiscent of juicy fruit salad with fresh mint leaves.

For those not in the know, Kendal Mint Cake is a peppermint chocolate treat produced in England since the 1860’s.

Unfortunately, Romney’s declined our request for sponsorship.

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0001 Fan Mail

Many took a moment to write in on their experience with 0001, people tasted lots of different things.

red liquorice dry grains, white grapes! bourbon, dry white wine, straight up like liquid wine gums, currant, lychee.

And review of the day goes to...

Away we go and we are off to a bonkers start. Boozy, natural coffee smell right away from the whole beans. Straight up like liquid wine gums in the cup. Super fun! This is not a beginner coffee.

Boozy! Nice.

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We hope you enjoyed it. Who knows where tomorrow will take us.

Will we stay one more day in South America?

– Coffee Chronicles

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